Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blue Wrinkled Face

I see them each time I leave the elevator.

The blue white wrinkled forms asleep
like a blue haze, everywhere. The seem to
have taken root. Lifeless legs clothed in
multicolored cheap fabric. Thick roots grow
down into the blue carpeting. Oh god I must
keep moving or I will become one of them.
The dinner bell rings and they awaken slowly
as if from a dream. They wheel themselves
towards food. What food I know not. I must
leave here. I must run. Oh God give me hope

wrinkled forms come near
my heart pounds with in my breast
run run run away.

Budding Trees

spring so soft
slowly spreads to all
naked trees
stand straight and tall
magic creeping limb by limb
budding trees come forth


in the black of night
a faint flash of orange red light
a new day rises

Floating Leaf

floating leaf lives on
despite the coming rain fall
soon all floats away

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


multicolored masks
purple red haze crowns their heads
children cringe away

Lonely Heart

a lonely heart lies
empty and full of sorrow
love hurts deep within

Death In The Air

moment of light
feelings and thoughts lost forever
night covers all

Monday, July 7, 2014

A LittleBroken Heart

love in my lost heart
a little love in my heart
heal me heal me love

heal my broken heart
give me some love in the dark
heal my broken life

Rising Moon

high up far afield
the moon rises over the night
we remain alone

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Autumn's First Frost

autumn's first deep frost
covers all that was once was green
with it my heart dies

Our Mighty Oak

as I leave my home for the last time
I shall take with me but memories.
our little blue house once filled with
the laughter of children. now silent,
empty only ghosts walk there.. I leave
behind my heart and my love and  my tears.
he is gone now and the house is no longer I hold him tight within my heart,
everything we once loved rests there too.

passing years have fled
oak trees roots so deep and wide
ghosts now walk my home

Smoke Swirls

high atop our roof
smoke swirls into the dark night
whispering oak sighs

mighty oak that has seen all
swaying in the October winds

laughter of spring rains
bubbles like rushing water
down parched winter rocks

Friday, July 4, 2014

Music In The Air

curious old man
rooted slowly through garbage
something brought to mind

an image of times past
when music was his life's love
music filled his days

mind dimmed with darkness
once he played the saxophone
notes rising so clear

as once were his eyes
love of my life still hear me
hurry back my love

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Little Blue Bird House

the last time I was there
looking out over our flower filled yard,
I knew it would be my last visit.
there high on a metal pole was our little blue bird house
hung so many years ago and filled each spring with a nest.
sweet musical sounds came softly from with in,
as each new nest filled with life.
deep within my heart I wished that you were with me once more
holding my hand as you whistle a soft melody answered by a sweet refrain.
But now as I leave forever, I wonder will some else love this tiny blue
house as much as we did.

Spring Has Come To Play

water flows caressing tiny stones
spring has come to play
rushing sounds blend with bird song